Here's a new McShep piece, unrelated to my other SGA work.  It's a new AU I'm playing with- a college choir AU.  I've been working on it here and there for about a year now.  Archived at AOOO.

Title: Teach the World to Sing
Author: Quin Firefrorefiddle
Summary: For we are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
Rating: Teen- there might be swearing in later chapters, this is an AU I'll drop back into as the mood and muse strike
Word Count: 3200ish
Warnings: None!

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Full of Grace
Author: Quin Firefrorefiddle
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: 2700 ish
Warnings: none – well, religious disagreement, but what did you expect?
Summary: Sequel to “Tuesday's Child”. What if John had come to Atlantis as an ELCA Air Force chaplain? How would the ELCA's recent vote to ordain clergy in homosexual relationships effect his life and ministry?
Author's Note: I am, myself, entering the ELCA clergy. The conversation herein echoes conversations I have had during my various ministry experiences, but none are verbatim. They are all this circumlocutory, however. I am not a military chaplain and never will be (health issues) but I have friends who are, so I hope I got the tone right. “Called to Common Mission” was a major kerfuffle about ten years ago, and many congregations left the ELCA because of it. Thanks to [personal profile] dossier  for the beta!

(Appropriately enough, I'm leading a Bible study on homosexuality tonight.  Please think happy thoughts in my direction, thanks.)

I need to get this out of my head so I can, you know, write things I've already promised to write.  So this crossover/AU is free to anyone who wants it.

Ever seen The Great Escape?  Have you noticed there are certain character parallels to SGA?  I have!  Rewriting the movie (with, I think, a slightly happier ending) could be a lot of fun- but I don't have the time.  So, please, enjoy yourselves!

Character list under the cut )
No, this one does not involve kittens.  Sadly.

Tuesday's Child
Author: Quin Firefrorefiddle
Rating: PG
Pairing: McShep
Wordcount: 1262
Summary: What if John's life changed dramatically about four years before the beginning of SGA, and he came to Atlantis in a slightly different capacity? In light of current events: Tuesday's child is full of grace.

Eliot's Practical
Author: Quin Firefrorefiddle
Rating: PG for violence, preslash
Word Count: 2318
Warnings: AU, canon character deaths (not all of them)
Summary: There were six of them to start- him, Carson, Teyla, Ronon, John and Ford. Sumner had actually stuck around, unusually enough, and was helping Elizabeth keep them corralled, for the most part.
Author's Note: I'm not a member of the LJ version of this, would someone crosspost it for me?  Thanks!

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